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Cozad NE - Earns Project of Year Award

Cozad Award

The City of Cozad board of public works department is among (4) entities NMPP selected for the prestigious organization wide award:

Project of the Year 

Cozad embarked on a pilot program with Fast Forward in 2022 which has since saved the city over $160,000.00 and significantly improved the grid reliability for their rural town.

Jerry Fales, City of Cozad Electric Commissioner was onsite to receive the award. Jerry mentioned, “A neighboring community brought Fast Forward to us… all for a fraction of the cost what we had expected for similar options. Implementing this program city-wide, and with the results we now have…was the easiest decision in my role.”

Jerry also thanked the supporting role NMPP and peer organizations for being so willing to share best practices and work together.

All recipients of the NMPP Project of the Year award include, or read more here:

  • The Village of Stuart, Nebraska – Electric Distribution System Rebuild
  • City of Grant, Nebraska – Downtown Revitalization Project
  • City of Cozad, Nebraska – Citywide Electric System Inspection Project
  • City of Central City, Nebraska – Central Park Project

NMPP Energy is a coalition of four organizations serving communities in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions. They bring together energy professionals with similar needs to create a synergy of support and resources, helping municipalities ensure responsible, safe, continuous quality service to those who depend on them. Through an efficient framework of services and support, NMPP Energy empowers the people responsible for ensuring energy is always available and affordable. 

For utility professionals across the region, the combined experience and knowledge of NMPP Energy staff and members support Americans across Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wyoming. Learn more about NMPP Energy HERE.

Under the leadership of City Administrator, Nikki Schwanz, the city and staff members have received numerous performance awards, including an award referencing their reliability initiatives, reported by the Cozad Local, HERE.

Fast Forward is a pioneer in automated line patrol using vehicle-mounted thermal camera systems, shortening the interval between inspections, directly helping electric utilities reduce power outages and wildfire potential.


Pictured from left, includes Dusty Birge - CEO @ Fast Forward and Jerry Fales Electric Commissioner @ City of Cozad.