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Another Utility Lines Up! - Butler PPD

rs=w_1280 (22)Butler Public Power District is always looking for new technologies that will better support  maintenance programs for their overhead and underground infrastructure. Butler PPD joins Snappy Workflow’s beta program this summer season for large scale system thermography. Utilities like Butler PPD are looking for ways to cost effectively harden the system. 

“The Snappy Workflow pilot program will be able to give us thermo images of structures and lines for many miles of line that it would take our maintenance crews months to capture,” said Operations Manager, Jerry Abel. 

Thermography is a non-contact way to identify failing components so proactive repairs can be made. Until now technology limited using thermography at scale without negatively impacting rates or limited personnel during peak season.

The data that we will receive will be used to prevent and reduce outage times for our customers while providing safe, low cost, reliable and excellent service to the Butler and Saunders County customers.  We are excited to partner with Snappy Workflow on the new technology breakthrough!” said Mark Kirby, Butler PPD General Manager. 

rs=w_1280 (23)The team at Snappy Workflow is developing a vehicle-based sensor and software package to enable utilities a real-time snapshot of hundreds of miles of powerline in just a day. When scaled properly, this will directly improve the maintenance programs at the utility, with minimal cost vs traditional methods.

“It’s the proactive mindset of entities like Butler PPD to continually improve the electric grid. The team at Snappy Workflow is focusing on new tools that will directly help municipalities and rural electrics lead the nation in maintenance efficiency,” said Curtis Kayton, Snappy’s President.